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sleep-meditation-big.jpgPlease note this Sleep Mediation is not hypnotherapy, nor is it visualization. Both these techniques are considered ego control adaptation techniques, and are therefore rejected by Strephon as a psychologist in the Jungian tradition. C.G. Jung postulated a center in the human psyche greater than, and other than, ego, the conscious side of the personality, the controller in most people. It is this deeper, inner center that we teach ego to follow in inner, healing and balancing work.

This approach to sleeping is a life-long learning practiced by deep dream-workers who do not manipulate dreams but seek to follow them and be congruent in dreams and life with the Dream Center, also called by Strephon, the Dream Source.

When you listen to this meditation in falling asleep be aware that you are keeping awareness but letting go of control. You are not being hypnotized. You are being encouraged and guided. That is all. Your deeper psyche does the work. Trust the process.

Do not use this meditation if you are using visualization, NLP and other ego control techniques. These latter are contrary to this variation on the Jungian approach that Strephon has devised out of his long work with dreams and dreaming.

Please report significant results so we can evaluate the use of this meditation.

You are of course one hundred percent responsible for any outcomes in you occurring after use of this meditation. We are not responsible at this end, since we do not know you or work with you in a trust relationship. Seek professional help for things that may disturb you so much that you feel negatively out of control in your sleeping and waking life. Jungian psychotherapy and analysis are particularly recommended.

This meditation is copyrighted by Strephon, © 2006, not only as his intellectual property, but also with the intention that no one, professional or amateur, uses this meditation in work with people without permission. You cannot publish or use this meditation with other people without permission of the author.

Personal use only is allowed, at your own choice and discretion, taking one hundred percent responsibility for yourself.


Why dreams are important

why-dreams-are-important-big.jpgStrephon gives the basic value of working regularly with your dreams. He also gives the fundamental technique for finding guidance from almost every dream you dream. Dreams change and develop our perspective on ourselves and life. (21 minutes)

By the way, from whom or what do you take guidance in how to better live the moments of your day?

Our personal egos make our choices, yet for better perspective than we already have, where do we go, what source do we trust?

Even, is there a possibility that a superior guiding source actually exists?

I differ from many dream interpreters and teachers in that I seek guidance from my own dreams through dreamworking them. Too many others focus on offering guidance to others on what their dreams means but judging from experiencing the personalities of these people they seem to lack a certain truthfulness about their own condition and so act the wise savant with others who share their dreams with them.

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The Ego Chooses

Perspective 13 The Ego Chooses

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Strephon does a podcast and vodcast on the nature of the ego. This can be important since what Strephon emphasizes is that everyone has an ego that can get in the way or developed in the right way, make one effective and fulfilled.

The choice is up to you!

Concepts covered: ego, ego identity, ego functions, ego choice-making, choice-making, awareness, consciousness, projecting, creative, right practice.

Suggestion: practice these concepts by making a list of choices at the end of your day, by discussing with a friend, giving personal examples, and by writing in your journal to the following:

  1. -What does your ego identity consist of, such as images, expectations, family affiliations, attitudes, memories of who you were, whether you are that way today or not.
  2. -Associate your ego self-identity to the strong choices you have made in your life so far. How have they defined you?
  3. -Disidentify from these ego identities by knowing them but realizing you don’t have to live them in today’s terms just because they were you in the past.
  4. -Soon after you arise from bed list the choices you are going to make today.
  5. -At the end of your day before bed, list the choices you have made today.
  6. -Keep a Choice-making Journal in which you do identity exercises, such as putting things in there about yourself and your choices at least once a week.

Perspective 12 Benedictus in Gloria

Perspective 12 Benedictus in Gloria

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The Benedictus is a dream chant with Strephon’s own sound of the chant coming from inner, and of course connected to tradition but also improvise to go with inner spirit.

Perspective 11 What Is Your New Years Purpose 2007?

Perspective 11 What Is Your New Years Purpose 2007?

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Strephon talks about choosing and having purpose in the New Year. We are nothing but a flash of existence, like a firework exploding unless we use a greater value to live by.

What indeed characterizes the new year? As is traditional I greeted fellow tennis players I knew when we met after January 1 with a traditional Happy New Year and a shake. But what more is there?

What then is New Years that we celebrate it unconsciously?
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New Years Dream 2007 – Strephon Kaplan-Williams

New Years Dream 2007 – Strephon Kaplan-Williams

Strephon had an amazing New Years Dream that came spontaneously in the night of December 31 – Jan 1, 2007.

In working with your own New Years Dream see if you are in positive, creative energy. This indicates potential for the coming year. If you are in negative, draining energy, consider this reflects a key issue or problem you are working on and need to solve in the coming year.
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My new article on this subject is too long, yet to the point.

The essence here is to record any dreams or thoughts from the night previous to New Years Eve. Do it for the night of New Years Eve, and do it for one more night, or until you have a dream you remember, the night after New Years Eve. Continue reading ‘NEW YEARS DREAMING’

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    Perspective 12 Benedictus in Gloria See this video on MySpace The Benedictus is a dream chant with Strephon’s own sound of the chant coming from inner, and of course connected to tradition but also improvise to go with inner spirit. Advertisements
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