My new article on this subject is too long, yet to the point.

The essence here is to record any dreams or thoughts from the night previous to New Years Eve. Do it for the night of New Years Eve, and do it for one more night, or until you have a dream you remember, the night after New Years Eve.

Now analyze for two themes: In your New Years dream are you losing energy or gaining energy in the activity you are doing? What is the activity you are doing? What is the theme or issue you are relating to in the dream or dreams? How does any of this relate to what you are doing or experiencing in life now?

Dreamwork: If your theme and behavior in a dream is positive, make a project for the coming year that embodies this behavior and theme.

Assume the Dream Source gives you a New Years dream as a perspective for you to focus part of your life on.

If the theme and behavior in the dream is negative or energy-draining, devise a project to do in the coming year that reverses the negatives here to becoming energy enhancing, not draining.

Assume the Dream Source wants you to focus on this negative aspect of your life and solve it this coming year.

If you want my full article on this theme you can write for it through this site.

May this coming year be more positive than negative for each of us!


*New Year’s Dreaming And Living*
By Strephon Kaplan-Williams

An amazing fact: Your dreams the night before, the night after, or the night of New Years can show you key themes about you and your life the coming year?

Why would you want to know what your New Years dreams mean?

Most of us haven’t a clue as to what is going to happen in the coming year? We often don’t know where to put our creative energy in this next year of our lives.

What is most important to your now as to how you are living your life?

Wasting Our Lives Or Enhancing Them?

Here’s a fact. Most of us use fifty percent of our waking time on survival activities. We work to earn money to eat, to have shelter, and to have some of the good things of life.

That’s fifty percent of our time and energy? What happens with the other fifty percent of our time?

Why, of course, we waste it!

Shocked, alarmed?

Certainly you need to be, you should be. How can you ‘get ahead’ in life if you are wasting fifty percent of your time and energy in life?

Say, you actually live to seventy. If you have wasted half your waking hours that means you have only existed as yourself for thirty-five years.

What are you getting out of watching all those movies and other TV shows? Not a hell of a lot. Why? Because every time we get absorbed in a TV drama, or a novel, we are lost in the story. We are living someone else’s life and imagination in those moments.

You don’t live someone else’s life and live your own life as well at the same time.

Do you really want to give your time and energy to one more movie? Or to hours and hours of socializing with family and friends? What do you get from all this absorption in what someone else is doing when you are barely present to what you should be doing with your life?

*The Big Question*

Back to our key question: What are you doing with that fifty percent of your life that you don’t have to use to survive with in this coming year?

Why not invest this time in what is likely to enhance your time and energy, and not detract from who you can be?

One way is to set goals for oneself, but ground these goals in concrete projects and values.

*The New Years Life Tasks To Do*

It takes energy to create energy.

Set your project goals and values to what can increase energy, resources and values for yourself. Make a commitment to carry through on these projects.

As a companion task make a commitment to give up all activities that drain energy from you.

This means give up maybe half or all family activities for the coming year.

Really! Is this so hard? Ask yourself what are you getting out of relating to family? All life is based on life, is it not? If people are draining your energy and not giving back equally in return, you are losing some of your precious life. That is death. That is dying while you are still living.

So, don’t do it! You don’t owe anyone anything anymore. All debts should be well paid in the moment. In any energy-exchange relating you should both gain some good, positive energy and resources while you are interacting, not just at some hoped for time in the future.

If we are not moving ahead we are falling behind.

If we are not creating new and more valuable energy we are losing the present energy we do have.

Life is increasing the energy, death is draining the energy without much renewal.

Make all your relationships positively creative now. Ones that are not, shuck out the back window. Say a nice goodbye but say it!

We started with wondering about our New Years dreaming. Yet we talked about outer things to do. Almost certainly, you will find the above themes in your dreams.

*How To Work With New Years Dreams*

First, record your dreams, write them down regardless of whether you like them or understand them yet.

Then when you have some dreams, or just one dream, analyze for issue and theme. These are themes from the above ideas presented here.

◦ energy drain: in your dream you, the image of you: are you losing energy or gaining energy?

◦ if gaining energy, what is the activity you are doing? How might this activity be important for you in the coming year? What project and goal can you design to do this coming year based on this activity?

◦ if what you are doing, or what is happening to you, in the dream is negative, draining energy, weakening your in some way, then analyze what that activity or dynamic is in yourself or your life. Make it clear and create a project to deal with this issue and change it or stop it from happening.

*Dreamwork Definition*

Dreamwork is finding the issue or theme in the dream, and also seeing how you in the dream, your dream ego, is handling or not handling the issue.

Most dreams highlight these two points. Now the third thing to do is to create dreamwork. You see the issue and how you presently do or don’t deal with it. Now you create a realistic attitude and activity to make it possible to deal with and transform your issue presented in the dream and also present in your life.

Do this much and you will have a good and useful handle on your New Years dreams.

*New means new!*

It’s a new year for each of us. So let’s not waste any of it in energy draining and life-defeating things!

Let’s cut down that fifty percent waste to just twenty percent waste.

Don’t ask how to do it. Just do it.

You will learn how to change things only by starting to change things.

See you next year! Don’t say I haven’t given you something to work with.

Best of love and energy to you!


1 Response to “NEW YEARS DREAMING”

  1. 1 Self Development January 15, 2007 at 11:04 pm

    Great article n the power of dreams. It is a little past the new year but I will give this a try.

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